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A Reception for Catherine Pugh

The Committee to elect Catherine E. Pugh, with Barbara and Tom Bozzuto and Carolyn and David Thaler hosted a reception in Support of Democratic Nominee for Mayor Senator Catherine E. Pugh on September 27, 2016 at Buckingham, the Home of Carolyn and David Thaler.

(Left to right : Tom Bozzuto, David Thaler, Senator Catherine E. Pugh, Carolyn Thaler, Barbara Bozzuto)

Photograph Key Top Left to Bottom Right:

Senator "Mike" Miller, Senator Catherine E. Pugh, Senator J.B. Jennings

Marin Alsop, The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and David S. Thaler

Judge Keith Truffer, David S. Thaler, & Judge Kathleen Cox

Leana Wen, Health Commission of Baltimore City and David S. Thaler

Tripp Burgunder III, Esq, Marc Horwitz, & Luke Yorke-Hart

David S. Thaler on Bag Pipes

Rick Scheetz, President/COO Gray & Son and Peggy White, Dir. of Engr., DS Thaler & Assoc.

Issac "Yitzy" Schleifer Democratic Candidate for Baltimore City Council and David S. Thaler

Senator Catherine E. Pugh, Tim Naughton with NVR Homes, Kent Krabbe with the Pugh Campaign

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