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Going Green: Solar Array Field in Baltimore County

Rain, rain, go away!

DST&A is pleased to share photos from a recent field visit to one of our projects. A first in Baltimore County history, this solar array field will be utilized to commercially produce solar energy. The field was previously used for agricultural purposes, but has been outfitted with the temporary solar structures to harvest the sun! We are proud to stand behind this green project and to support this technology. Congratulations, SGC Power!

For this project, we collaboratively worked with area solar engineers to process, plat, and permit use in the field. Though ambiguity in current zoning law added complexity to this development project, our skilled team was able to navigate the subtleties of the process and work jointly with Baltimore County to help this technology come to fruition.

Now, if only this mid-spring rainy weather would clear!

Have questions about installing a commercial solar array field in Baltimore County? Give us a call!

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