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DST&A has extensive experience working with federal, state, county, and municipal agencies.  We find innovative and cost-effective solutions to difficult land use problems.  Our team's scope of engineering work includes:


  • Site Engineering

    • Preliminary site analysis

    • Feasibility study

    • Zoning, rezoning

    • Special exceptions, variances

  • Grading plans

  • Civil Engineering

  • Water Resources Engineering

    • Stormwater plans and processing

    • Environmental Site Design (ESD)

    • Stormwater mitigation fee appeals

  • Forensic Engineering

  • Expert Testimony

Storm Water Management Consulting


In a historic Baltimore City neighborhood subject to frequent flooding, DST&A performed a site analysis to provide practical solutions to reduce problematic stormwater runoff.  We worked collaboratively with the homeowner to identify onsite issues and constraints.  Ultimately, we made an array of prescriptive suggestions to mitigate flooding .


Environmental Site Design


For a retail center in Baltimore City, DST&A performed a site analysis to provide increased green space and stormwater management features to improve the environmental impact of a redeveloped parking area.  We worked joinlty with the retail owner to identify desired enhancements and showcased their inclusion on site through micro-scale practices.


Drainage Remediation Services


For a townhouse community in Edgewater, DST&A performed a site analysis to mitigate ongoing drainage issues. A new French Drain system created an improved flow path for the roof downspouts and provided relief for the saturated backyards.  We worked collectively with the homeowner's association and contractor to ensure all expectations were communicated effectively and ensure the project was completed in a timely fashion.


Underground Stormwater Management


For an apartment community in Owings Mills, DST&A was able to implement an underground stormwater management facility to handle the drainage on an environmentally and spatially constrained site. We worked collectively with the stormwater structure 's company to ensure all necessary drainage and filtering design requirements were met while optimizing space and cost.


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